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What if I don’t want to do (insert whatever act here)?

Kink has all kinds of manifestations.  I completely respect hard limits.  In our initial communication, let Me know what you don’t want to do and what you do want to do.  If we are in a session and you realize that you are uncomfortable with the way the session is moving, use your safe word.  There is no penalty for doing so and I will stop the scene immediately so we can assess what went wrong and where you want to go.

What if I’ve never tried this before?

I love busting a cherry!  Many people are curious about being dominated and it ranks as a top fantasy for many men.  If this is your first time (or you’re thinking about trying it for your first time), remember this: I’m not here to frighten you; I’m here to lead you into a new place.

What is a tribute and how does that work?

A tribute is your offering to Me for My presence and skills.  When you arrive for our session, hand it to Me immediately.  I accept US dollars in cash for tributes.  Minimum tribute is $150 USD for one hour in person. Should you wish to pay in pesos, the rate is 4,000MX/hour.  Yes, that’s a terrible exchange rate but I’m not a cambio. Online-only session rates start at $40USD.

Will you come to my hotel or home?

First time sessions are always hosted at My hotel of choice.  Future sessions may be hosted at other locations at My discretion and convenience.

Where do you hold sessions?

Currently I am in Tijuana, Mexico. You will have to cross the border to see Me. I host sessions at a private hotel located in the downtown area. I will also consider traveling to San Diego but you must have references from other Dommes – they do not have to be in Southern California.

I do offer online-only sessions via text/Kik/email/WhatsApp. Contact Me to learn more.

How long is a session?

First time sessions are one hour.  After our initial session, you may request longer times.

For online-only devotees, length and amount of contact varies.  I have two devotees who receive twice-daily instructions and discipline; I have a few who get sessions for 30 minutes to an hour via chat.  There are several variants to this type of session and I tailor it for each devotee.

How do I schedule a session?

Use the Submit to Me page to request a session.  In your communications to Me, use proper grammar.  Be specific about what you seek.  If you are uncertain or this is your first time contacting a Domme, be honest about that.  I will guide you to what you need.

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