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The Beginning of Lady Madeline

It was forever ago that I started messing around with BDSM. I had a long-term boyfriend in high school and he liked spanking me, which was fun. I tied him up a time or two and really enjoyed doing that but it wasn’t his thing. He really was just a vanilla guy and I dumped him about six months before I graduated.

The moment I realized I was a serious Dominant woman was when I slapped the face of a guy who was fucking me at his request. I was 18? 19? Relatively young. He came immediately. I was hooked. I got in to the pro Domme side of things a few years later when I was living in a small town near Savannah, Georgia. There was an ad on Yahoo Singles (yeah, years ago when only geeks and techs had computers and email and all that) from someone who wanted to be dominated. I met him in public at a coffee house and he seemed decent enough. After about 30 minutes of chit-chat about this and that and what he was in to, I stood up to leave – not because of what he was in to, but because I had to get to work! He handed me a crisp $50 for my time, which was totally unexpected, but I acted like I knew he was going to do that. I thanked him and told him I would be in touch in 16 hours and he better answer his phone as I don’t like to leave messages on answering machines. (no one had a cell phone back then and don’t ask why 16 hours – that’s what came out of my mouth!) He nodded and said he looked forward to it.

21 hours later, I was at his home where he had a whole array of leather bondage gear and canes and clamps and all sorts of fun shit. I arrived dressed in my horse gear: jodhpurs, tall boots, and a white shirt (I worked with big draft horses back then) carrying my crop and a set of carriage reins. Game on!

From there, I found devotees on sex.alt message boards and other places – this was years before craigslist and all that.

I take a break from all of it for a while sometimes – in fact, I’ve been “dormant” on the scene for about six years until I went to go see an old friend from the east coast who was living in Tijuana running an escort service down there. While I’d never sessioned with him, he knew I was a Domme and mentioned that no one was offering these services down here…… and within a few weeks, I’d geared back up, finally got a website put together, and jumped back in! It really is where I am most comfortable as a person and I’m happy when I’m doing it!

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